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There are not many King Crocodile facts. The only evidence that such a king actually existed comes from a seal impression. The symbols in it hint to a king, however, so he just may have existed.

The crocodiles are prominent in the seal, but unfortunately the serekh or stylized palace facade, where a king's name would have been written, is much damaged, and so we do not know what this king's real name was. He was named as King Crocodile because of the many stylized crocodiles on the seal. The ancient Egyptians respected the crocodile, and before the great dams were built in our modern times, the Nile was full of crocodiles. Out of this respect the crocodile-headed god Sobek emerged.

There is also a bull's head in the seal. A bull was a very important symbol of the king of Egypt, because it symbolized power and strength, and fertility. The bull together with the serekh indicates this was a royal seal with a king's name in it. But there is also a chance this seal belonged to a king we already know about. Such a shame the serekh is damaged...

The symbols of the Crocodile Seal

King Crocodile may have been called Horus Crocodile, but this is disputed. There are theories that he might have been a contemporary of king Ka, and might have usurped the crown.

So he may have existed - or not. The evidence from these earliest pharaonic times are so scarce we cannot be certain. Maybe one day more evidence of his existence is found.

King crocodile facts:
the king's tomb

King Crocodile's tomb has never been found. This is not so unusual - King Crocodile died a very long time ago, and Egyptians have been looting the ancient tombs since time immemorial. It is a miracle the little seal impression has been preserved. That's archaeology for you - using tiny pieces of information and trying to write history with them. And you can never be sure of your theories - a new piece of evidence may totally change what you thought you knew. 

What we do know is that King Crocodile was buried before proper mummification methods were developed. So if there was anything left of him, it would only be bones. And even those would probably be scattered around by thieves who looted tombs for their valuables.

king crocodile quiz

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3. What's the possible other name of King Crocodile?

4. How was King Crocodile mummified?

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