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Mr Mummific
"how I became a Mummy"

Yes. The first of the ancient Egypt books is by Mr Mummific. He dictated a book about how he became a mummy. 

I was allowed to be his scribe and illustrator. 80 pictures in all - we worked on this for 10 months. And now we are already writing the sequel.

All the icky details are there, seasoned with his personality...

(He is so proud of his book I fear he won't fit into the same room with his ego soon...)

On (March 1st 2017) and (October 19th 2016)

"What an imaginative approach to explaining mummification in ancient Egypt and the religious beliefs behind it! It will delight and inform Egyptologists of all ages." - Kara Cooney

Novels that happen in ancient Egypt

I loved ancient Egypt books since childhood. Of course Sinuhe the Egyptian was the first book I read on the subject - being a Finn, reading Mika Waltari's books was a given. 

And as I had been writing since I could hold a pen (yes, that was before the time of home computers), I'm sure no one is surprised by the fact I write about ancient Egypt as well. 

This is the page where I shall give you information about the novels I have written - and they have one thing in common: they are about ancient Egypt.

First one's first (others are in the pipeline, fantasy and non-fantasy, so this won't be the last one)

Ancient Egypt books -fantasy

I had this story line in my mind for years. I started writing it on several occasions, but never got further than a few chapters. I did not seem to have the energy.

Well, there was a reason for that - I studied Egyptology for five years so all my time went to the studies. Also my father was very ill, and I never understood how much energy the illness of a loved one can steal from you.

After the funeral it was like the floodgates had opened. The story burst out, and I had it written in four months - at the same time I was writing my final essay about the Middle Kingdom Nubian fortresses. It was like I had all the energy in the world.

Then started the editing, which took its sweet time (I was in no hurry, I only wanted to write a good story).

It took me two years in all to write this book. It moves on three time levels - ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and our modern times.

Nephilim quest 1

Dana's destiny is tied to human mythology - the story of the Nephilim, the descendants of angels. She has to prepare for a long journey in another time and place, following the clues written down in ancient Egypt, chased by creatures of darkness.

You can read the first 25 chapters and preorder the book on in the following stores

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Tutankhamun: In My Own Hieroglyphs

Tutankhamun tells about his life - and death. The book that was chosen to travel the world with Tutankhamun's treasures world tour of 10 cities from 2018 onwards.

You can get the book here

How I Became a Mummy

Mr Mummific tells all about how he became a mummy.

You can get the book here. 

Mummies, Monsters and the Ship of Millions

Mr Mummific's hilarious journey through the 12 caverns of Duat to reach the Field of Reeds.

You can get the book here. 

nephilim quest

Story of the search for one of the oldest legends of humankind, intertwining modern times and ancient Egypt.

preview Nephlim Quest 1: Shaowhunter online. 

preview Nephlim Quest 2: MOON DAUGHTER online. 

preview Nephilim Quest 3: Amarna online:

preview Space Witches book 1

space witches book 2

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