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What on earth is a Mummific travel blog? Well - Mr. Mummific decided he wanted to have his own blog where he could write about his adventures in our modern world.

Of course I cannot let him touch my computer, so it appears I need to be his scribe. You'll find a list of his posts below. I am sure they will be quite odd and full of attitude but I have already grown accustomed to that. 

The opinions are all Mr. Mummific's - I take no responsibility for those. Try to understand it has been over 3000 years since he was mummified. Many things we take for granted are very strange to him. 

And do take everything with a pinch of salt... 

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A Strange Soul House

Mummific Adventures in Modern World

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Tutankhamun: In My Own Hieroglyphs

Tutankhamun tells about his life - and death. The book that was chosen to travel the world with Tutankhamun's treasures world tour of 10 cities from 2018 onwards.

You can get the book here

How I Became a Mummy

Mr Mummific tells all about how he became a mummy.

You can get the book here. 

Mummies, Monsters and the Ship of Millions

Mr Mummific's hilarious journey through the 12 caverns of Duat to reach the Field of Reeds.

You can get the book here. 

nephilim quest

Story of the search for one of the oldest legends of humankind, intertwining modern times and ancient Egypt.

preview Nephlim Quest 1: Shaowhunter online. 

preview Nephlim Quest 2: MOON DAUGHTER online. 

preview Nephilim Quest 3: Amarna online:

preview Space Witches book 1

space witches book 2

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