early dynastic PHARAOHS QUIZ

This early Dynastic pharaohs quiz is for you if you wish to check how much you remember about them.

If you don't remember things, click on the links and a new window will open that will take you to the page of the pharaoh in question. (Yes, checking your reference materials is quite all right... Always better to check and re-check if in doubt about history).


These are the first, and most elusive kings of ancient Egypt. We only have little fragments of information about them, sometimes we are not even sure about the family lines.

Here are questions about King Crocodile, Iry-Hor, Ka, Scorpion and Narmer.

king crocodile quiz

1. How many finds are there about the existence of King Crocodile?

2. What are the symbols on the King Crocodile seal?

3. What's the possible other name of King Crocodile?

4. How was King Crocodile mummified?

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iry-hor quiz

1. The name of Iry-Hor might be translated as

2. Iry-Hor lived

3. The symbols in Iry-Hor's name were

4. The names of two other kings were found inside Iry-Hor's tomb. Which kings?

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King ka quiz

1. The sign "ka" symbolizes

2. The king's name was written inside a

3. The bird over the serekh was

4. King Ka was buried at 

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1. Which symbol identified someone as king in very early Dynastic Egypt?

2. What was the "pin bowl" crown of a king officially called

3. What did the rekhyt-bird  most likely symbolize?

4. What was attached to the king's belt?

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king narmer quiz

1. What was the fish in king Narmer's name (the "nar")

2. King Narmer was the first Egyptian king shown with 

3. What is the front of King Narmer's palette thought to symbolize (with the two long-necked animals)?

4. Where were the Narmer palette and Narmer mace head found?

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early dynastic pharaohs quiz
dynasty 1 pharaohs

3000 - 2750 bc

hor-aha quiz

Want to try how much you remember of Pharaoh Hor-Aha? Take this little quiz.

1. Hor-Aha's name means

2. What was the other name later historians used of Hor-Aha?

3. Which goddess did Hor-Aha worship?

4. Hor-Aha established a city that was to be the capital of ancient Egypt for a long time. In ancient Egyptian language the name of the city was Men Nefer. By what name is it better known to us?

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