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Here are Ancient Egypt coloring pages for you. When I have time I shall draw them for you, and if you wish to have step by step coloring advice, you will find links to an e-magazine that will show you exactly how they are done. Every color and technique is explained.

As I am an artist, and my style is realistic, I do my best to make the drawings and step-by-step advice as accurate as possible. You are free to print the drawings for your own non-commercial use.

ancient egypt coloring pages:
tutankhamon's golden mask

I could not resist this - I have already made an oil painting of Tutankhamon's golden mask (look the art-tab on the left). I would have loved to have had a drawing of the mask when I was a child, and my own drawing skills were not exactly "photorealistic".

So of course when I decided to make ancient Egypt coloring pages, this was the obvious choice to start with. 

Tutankhamon's Golden Mask coloring pageTutankhamon's Golden Mask

You can download the drawing here.

Do check in once in a while to see any new ancient Egypt coloring pages. (I do try to find time for drawing and painting when Mummific isn't around - when he is, he is way too curious and interested and disturbs my concentration in many ways...)

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